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    Rules of LessQQmorePewPew

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    1.If u don't join a run in 1 month without saying anything to a leader your points will be deleted!
    2.Before you come up to sky ask which job u should come! (Job change is still possible)
    3.Keep a friendly voice in the Linkshell , if you have a problem /tell a Leader! Smile
    4.Do what the leader say to you. its necessary to keep it professional!

    Run times:

    Thursday and Friday OT#1 :18.30 OT#2 18.45 Start:19.00 - ~22.00/23.00


    Ot#1 + OT#2 = 1 pt.
    each half hour 0.5pt.


    Faust: 1pt.
    Despot: 1pt.
    Zipacna: 1pt.
    MG: 1pt.

    SC: 0.5 pt.
    Olla: pop item: 0.5 pt. + drop 0.5 pt.
    BB: pop item: 0.5 pt. + drop 0.5 pt.
    Ullikumi: 0.5 pt. + drop 0.5 pt.


    Demi gods:

    Weapons: 1pt.

    Normal gods:

    Abjurations: min. 3pt.
    God gear (Byakkos haidate) : min. 3pt.
    Weapon: min. 1pt.

    all abjurations(not incl. w.-legs): like normal gods
    W.-legs , Osode : min 30 pt.

    each item nobody lot on it get lost and dont will be lotted by anyone

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