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    How to apply



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    How to apply

    Beitrag  Diss am Fr Jan 16, 2009 10:47 am

    Run times:

    Thursday and Friday OT#1 :18.30 OT#2 18.45 Start:19.00 - ~22.00/23.00

    Cut and paste this questions into your application thread plz.

    1.) Your characters ingame-name?
    2.) What 75 jobs do u have (only list jobs which u are willing to play and that u got geared)?
    3.) What subjobs do u have?
    4.) What timezone are u in?
    5.) Most of our members are germans, is it ok for u that most of the average linkshelltalking between members is in german?
    6.) Do u know someone in the LS who can vouch for u?
    7.) Do u have experience in sky? (not necessary, but helps)
    8.) Did u had a previous sky-ls? why u left them?
    9.) What items u want most from sky?
    10.) Can u attend both (thu/fri) runs per week with us?
    11.) What job(s) would u mainly like to play in sky for us?
    12.) Do u understand the simple rules?
    13.) From where u know LessQQmorePewPew? (just something Serbaroz wants to know Smile )
    14.) Any questions?*

    We will copy and paste your application in the leaders section and talk about it, that may takes up to 4days. If we choose u are a win for LessQQmorePewPew we will talk to u ingame and pearl u.

    *) feel free to talk to Simaro, Serbaroz, Zebbit, Thomsoh or Herruin ingame if u have any questions

    Thanks for applying, LessQQmorePewPew

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